P8 big led display screen for advertising

Front service flexible outdoor P8 big led display screen for advertising is easy to maintain, also saving space, it is IP65( water proof), Wi-Fi remote control, size customized, play HD video.

Product Details

outdoor led displays.pngFront service flexible outdoor P8 big led display screen for advertising


      1>Easy to maintain.

      2>Saving space.

      3>IP-65 weaterproof.

      4> Fixed use

      5> Size customized




Easy to maintainmodule outdoor screen.png

Front service led display, open the cabinet from front, it is easy to install and maintain, just change the problem led module at front led screen,reducing the maintain cost.








Detail led display paramter:

Production name:

P8 outdoor front service led display





Gray level:


Led lamps:


Refresh FRQ:


Pixel Density:


Pixel pitch:


Driving Method:


View Angle:

Horizontal 160° Vertical 160°

Input Voltage:


Average Power Consumption:


    Product description:

Professional design:

Selection of high-quality LED chips, high luminous   efficiency, brightness attenuation, stability and reliability;


Advanced production and processing technology to ensure   that the display of quality and life expectancy;

Good flatness:

Columns assembled columns and columns can be done   almost no dislocation, and has a fully functional front;

Uniform color:

The brightness difference of any two LED lights is less   than 5%, which ensures the brightness and color uniformity of the entire   screen body.

Automated production line:

PCB boards using wave soldering process, with green oil   oxygen layer to prevent the damp lines, oxidation, increased service life;

High reliability:

Using a full range of anti-static measures to   effectively reduce the electrostatic damage to the LED lamp, control the   annual rate of blind lamp in less than 5 parts per million;

High refresh rate:

screen is delicate, soft, consistent, high grayscale

Wide range of applications:

Applicable to all kinds of stadiums, banks, securities,   bus stations, terminals, shopping malls, postal services, telecommunications,   offices, schools, restaurants, businesses, government square, leisure square,   entertainment square, downtown business center, advertising Information   release card, commercial street, train station and so on.


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