P4 full color indoor hire screen

P4 full color indoor hire screen,small pitch, high definition;Perfect & vivid images;High cost performance.Good Consistency and High resolution;High brightness and refresh rate .

Product Details

P4 full color indoor hire screen led parameter:

Item  Specification
Panel Dimension  (W)256mm*128mm(H)
 Pixel pitch 4mm
 Pixel density  62500/M²
 Pixel configuration  1R1G1B
 Pixel resolution  (W)64*32(H)
 Panel weight  0.24kg

Cabinet Cabinet size  (W)512mm*512mm(H)
 Pixel resolution  (W)192*192(H)
 Bet viewing angle  horizontal>140 vertical>120
 Best viewing distance  4-30M



 Drive type  1/16 scanning
 Display color  4096*4096*4096
 Life span  100000 hours
 Working temperature  -25~+55
 Panel power supply  5V40A
 Screen power supply  220VAC/50HZ+_10%
 Max power  800W/M²
 Refresh frequency  >320HZ/S
 Communication distance  <100m
 Brightnedd   1800cd/M²

P4 full color indoor hire screen in USA project:

full color hire screen-1.jpgindoor hire screen-1.jpg       Los Angeles Furniture Store                  New York Furniture Store 

   (P4 full color indoor hire screen)            (P4 full color indoor hire screen)

hire screen-1.jpg

              Pasadena Furniture Sore(P4 full color indoor hire screen)

P4 full color indoor hire screen advantage:

1) High refresh rate , high brightness and high contrast which make the screen without any delay and smear phenomenon under directly sunlight.

2)Energy saving:low electric current,high-bright lamps,equipped with PFC switching power supply that save 30% electricty.

3)The brightness can be adjustable to meet the need of changing environment

4)Wide viewing angle: The horizontal and vertical viewing angles are so wide that it is suitable for wide horizontal

5)Environment protection, antistatic, dust-proof, good heat dissipation, cost-effective .

6)Error detection and monitoring:it can monitorthe inner temperature,voltage,cooling fans etc and error detection automatically.

7) High reliability: using distributed scanning technology and module design technology that make higher reliability and stability.

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