indoor led video wall

Model: P5-indoor fixed-64x32 · High Stability, Rich Content · High refresh rate, high resolution · Super-wide view angle · Module Size: 256mm*128mm · Cabinet Size: customized · Environmental-friendly and energy saving Features: • High stability: High material and strictly produce process assures...

Product Details

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       Model: P5-indoor fixed-64x32

        · High Stability, Rich Content

        · High refresh rate, high resolution

        · Super-wide view angle

        · Module Size: 256mm*128mm 

        · Cabinet Size: customized

        · Environmental-friendly and energy saving

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• High stability: High material and strictly produce process assures its stability. 
• High brightness: with high intensity LED lamp, P5mm led screen brightness can reach 2000nits or even higher. 
• Semi-outdoor installation is available: our patented film putting technology can protect the screen from humidity. Hence, our P5mm led display can perform well even in semi-outdoor environment. 
• Front maintenance is available. With magnet modules, P5mm led screen be maintained both from front and rear. 
• Colorful image: High pixel density with high brightness makes the image on the screen more colorful and attractive. 
• Wider viewing angle: with its 160/120 viewing angle, you will see a vivid picture or video showing on the screen at different angle.

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