Correctly use the led display

- Jul 01, 2018 -

Correctly switch the LED full display:

1. Switching order: A, first open the control computer to enable normal operation and then open the LED display screen; B, first turn off the LED display, and then turn off the computer. (Before shutting the computer off the display, it will cause the screen body to appear bright spots, burn the lamp, and the consequences are serious.)

2. Switching screen time interval is greater than 5 minutes.

3. After the computer enters the engineering control software, it can be powered on.

4. Avoid opening the screen in the full white screen state because the system's inrush current is maximum.

5. Avoid opening the screen in an out-of-control state (A. The computer does not enter the control software program; B. The computer is not powered; C. The control part of the power is not turned on), because at this time the system's maximum inrush current.

6. When the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation conditions are not good, care should be taken not to open the screen for a long time.

7. When a part of the electronic display screen has a very bright line, it is necessary to pay attention to closing the screen in time, and it is not appropriate to open the screen for a long time in this state.

8. Frequent display power switch tripping, should promptly check the screen or replace the power switch.

9. Regularly check the firmness of the mounting area. If there is looseness, pay attention to adjust it in time and re-strengthen or renew the hanger.

10. According to the environment of the large-screen screen and control part, insect bites should be avoided, and rat poison should be placed if necessary.

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