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Die-cast Aluminum Cabinet

- Apr 09, 2018 -

P5 concert rental screen display.jpg

Concert Rental Screen application features

    1, virtual realistic image to create unlimited imagination

    The traditional scene is constructed with concrete materials and has a visual external appearance, giving the audience a real feeling. The concert rental screen with multiple displays  gives viewers a feeling between realism and freehand, expressing their intentions with real and specific virtual images. According to the connotation and significance of the program, the image is refined, and the matching images are selected to express. This not only brings new aesthetic enjoyment to the audience, but also gives the audience unlimited aesthetic imagination and space. The magnificent and realistic image creates a frame Realistic realistic images, as if placed in the display, give the audience a fresh and exciting 3D interactive experience, with great visual impact and artistic appeal.

    2. Flexibility and Virtuality Unmatched by Traditional Dance Beauty

Concert rental display is indispensable "golden partner" for stage performances

    In addition to display materials, the most frequent application of led display on the stage is to simulate real scenes and reproduce natural. Due to the rich color and strong performance of LED technology, it possesses the incomparable flexibility and virtuality of the traditional scenery, and the characteristics of some light sources possessed by the lighting system. It simulates different shapes through its own light source performance. Realistic space modeling can also show the effect of lighting effects. The stage space it creates, traditional stage scenery and lighting are difficult to reach.

P5 Concert Rental Screen Display , we use brand LED chip such as Cree, Nichia, Epister, Opto. Because brand LED chip has better performance, long lifetime and lower defect rate. The brand IC such as MBI, TMS, PWM and Mingyang makes the LED module to achieve its best capabilities.


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