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Indoor Led Advertising Screens

- Apr 09, 2018 -

P4 indoor led advertising screens descriptions:

1.P4 indoor led advertising screens is applying the latest technology of integrated surface mounted devices (SMD).

2. High resolution, Up to Pitch 5mm. With high density, High definition LED display screen is able to produce quality graphic & video.

3. Large viewing angle, Up to 140° (Horizontal & Vertical).

4. Led advertising screens is with high reliability, fully produced by auto-machine, SMD LED is with high uniformity, stability & reliability, that guarantees the perfect performance of the screen.

5. It is low Power Consumption, can save energy extremely, and advocate environment-protection.

6. With fans inside, it can quickly emit heat to protect screen effectively and increase the lifespan.

7. Indoor led advertising screens as slim body & light weight, Easy maintenance

8. It can show all kinds of word, text, graph, pictures, flashes, video, 2-dimension, 3-dimension cartoon and any other formats with your PC does synchronously.

9. Different signal resources input are acceptable, such as TV, HCTV, S-video, NTSC/PAL, DVI, AVI, VGA, SDI, MOV, MPG, etc.

10. Applications indoor, It can be used in advertisement, stage, stadium, exhibition, TV-Show, mansion video wall, shopping mall, banks, schools, bus station, airport, gym, market, factories, monitoring centers, hospitals, bars etc.

Our service

1) Your inquiry related to our products or price will be replied as soon as we recieve your inquiry.

2) we are specialised in indoor and outdoor Rental screen for:

a-)  used in advertisement,

b-) stage, stadium, exhibition,


d-) mansion video wall,

e-) shopping mall,  banks, schools, bus station,

f-)airport, gym, market, factories, monitoring centers,

g-)hospitals, bars ,Hotel etc

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