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LED Display Error How To Solve

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Unit board failure analysis: the output is a problem, check the output port clock latch signal is normal, to detect the output interface to the signal output IC line is connected or shorted to detect the last driver IC between the serial output data port and output The interface of the data port connection or whether the short circuit, the output signal is short-circuit or short-circuit to each other, check the output cable is good.

When there is a line or a few lines, there is a single point or a single highlight, or the whole line is highlighted, and is not controlled. Check whether the column is shorted to the power supply ground. Check if the line is shorted to the positive pole of the power supply.

Display confusion, the output is not normal: to detect whether the clock signal is short. Check whether the clock has input and output. Detect whether the clock signal is shorted to other lines.

Display Missing: Indicates whether the data side of the color has input and output. Detect whether the color data signal is shorted to other lines. Check whether the cascading data port between the driving ICs of the color is open or shorted.

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