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Led Panels

- Jun 27, 2018 -

led panels feature:

1, Led video panels Stable circuit control technology, simple operation, easy maintenance;
2, Unique die-cast aluminum box structure, stable, durable, lightweight;
3, very "light, thin, dense" feature, in order to provide a greater realization of creative space ;
4, accurate, fast and flexible installation location, can effectively respond to different application areas;
5, Deep gray scale processing technology, high-quality screen refresh, and create fantastic stage effects;
6, Easy maintenance: with power and signal work status self-check function, real-time display each product's power and signal work status, when a product does not display screen, to help you quickly determine the problem quickly and make the appropriate repair measures;

Led video panels for stage advantages:
1.LED chip: the chip brand is Epistar and make big size LED chip , compared with other manufacturers, the lifetime is much more longer and more stable performance.Great Reduce the dead LED rate.
2. Mask: Unique design with patent makes it more orderly and better visual effect as well as better waterproof effects. The screw is longer than others, which can prevent the mask falling off.
3. The PCB board is thicker , which can postpone corrosion. Also, cement conduct can be waterproof.
4.All the Key material is import from Taiwan or Japan, to ensure all component performance is stable and long lifetime.
5.  Focus Our Brand, Try our best to build an trustable brand to our Customers.
6. ProvideCustomerized solution to meet different using- eviroment.


Main technical parameter

Pixel pitch


Pixel density(dots/sqm)


LED encapsulation


Module size(mm)




View angle(H/V)


Working/ storage tempereture

-20℃~50℃/ -30℃~60℃

Working voltage

AC220/110V 50Hz

Sales promotion:

DHX indoor SMD p1.9mm p2.5mm p3mm p4mm P5mm p6mm rental led display hot sale recently,in order to catch the brisk demand ,we have prepared large amount of stock of this product,so don't hesitate to contact us for the further cooperation if any request for the rental led display.

Proved with facts that our indoor  SMD p1.9mm p2.5mm p3mm p4mm P5mm p6mm led display win the good evaluation from our customers,it ont only display the video with high resolution on different kinds of performances and stage,but also can be waterproof with the special cheap price.It's really the most valuable product compared with similar products used for TV station, restaurant, concernt, entertainment, commercial performance


Led Video Panels For Stage

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