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P5 Advertisement On Billboards

- Apr 09, 2018 -

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In the near future, street LED screens will become localized self-media. This is a trend in the Internet era, and this will also form a new street visual node with distinctive social cohesion. A large number of pedestrians, residents, shops, and restaurants that improvise or plan anytime and anywhere to create a multi-advertising content based on the theme of the Chinese dream will surely be distinguished by diversity and diversity in form and content.

Second, combine the existing technology of LED outdoor display industry with the innovative operation model of outdoor advertising. Wang Tian, co-founder of Beijing Qingmei Road and landscape design agency, suggested: “We must not only focus on technology, but see how small the distance between manufacturers is. We should open up some thinking and think about where we can combine with other fields. Come out, for example, I integrate the LEDs into the design to cause the entire building, or ring environment, to become the highlights or landscape points of the entire environment."

In the past, we always built screens on landmark buildings. Landmark media should be more accurately called landmarks. Construction media is favored by many advertisers as the best outdoor resource, and it has also become an important way for image propaganda and information dissemination in many regions, cities and even countries. one. It can be said that there are media after the landmark building and the area can be divided into regional landmarks, urban landmarks and national landmarks. Then we should think about how to make the screen become the landmark of the city in the future. For instance, Wang Tian said: “For example, at the time of the World Trade Plaza in Beijing, a sky curtain was created. During this sensation, the World Trade Plaza was not famous. On the contrary, this design has attracted many people who used to feel the immense effect of the first canopy. Later, there are also many cities in China that imitate this practice.” This shows that using existing technologies and materials to design and exploit its advantages will be a good concern for LED advertising screens.

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