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P5 Led Board

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Information for P5 led display boards:

led board


P5 led board screenAdvantages :


1: Aluminum cabinet made by CNC has more accurate tolerance on structure than that made by metalplate processing, which ensures the flatness of the entire LED screen.


2: light weight less than  kg enable one-person installation easier and simpler, save installation time. But traditional LED screen is over 25 Kg with the same size.


3: Adopting the CNC aluminum processing, it is high strength, high tenacity, high accuracy and not easy to distort. The thickness of our cabinet is 63mm, the traditonal cabinet is 160mm.


4: Adopting quick locking mechanism on the Up, down, left and right connection. You can install one cabinet with high accuracy in 10 seconds. Cabinet splicing and wiring connection is fast and reliable. Not only beautiful appearance but also a real sense of the rapid disassembly.


5: Adopting modular design, assembled cabinet can install and disassembly quickly and easily. It is easy to maintenance.


6. New structure design, can satisfy hoisting, overstow, indoor used requirements. Cabinet simplification.


7: Has excellent heat dissipation design and performance. it is low noise and doesn't need external fan or air-condition. With the features of lightweight and low power consumption, it can reduce the labor cost of installation and operating costs.

Technical specificationProduct model
Pixel pitch(mm)34567.6210
Pixel density(dot/m²)1111116250040000277771722210000
View angleH:160°
Scan mode1/32 1/161/161/81/161/8
Control modeSyc.Syc.Syc.Syc.Syc.Syc.
Color depth655366553665536655366553665536
Scan freq(Hz)≥720 Hz≥960 Hz≥960 Hz≥960 Hz≥1080 Hz≥1080 Hz
Frame freq(Hz)606060606060
Module units size(mm)192X192256X128320X160384X192244X244320X160
Module definition(dot)64X6464X3264X3264X3232X3232X16
Working voltage(V)AC 220AC 220AC 220AC 220AC 220AC 220
Average consumption(W/m2)350350300350350350
Max consumption(W/m2)700700600700700700
IP levelIP30IP30IP30IP30IP30IP30
Working condition(℃/%RH)-15~45℃-10~50℃-10~50℃-10~50℃-10~50℃-10~50℃
Storage condition(℃/%RH)-25~70℃-40~85℃-40~85℃-40~85℃-40~85℃-40~85℃

1. The applications for Multi Line Displays are endless.

2. Multi Line LED Electronic Displays are easy to use and can be up-dated quickly and with no technical expertise

3. Available in a variety of character heights: although if you have a multi line display made up from a number of Bi-Line displays, you can show a single line of text in double height format which will usually double these heights. Larger height signs are also available.

4. LED Colour Options are: RED, Green Blue, Yellow, Amber, Purple, Bi-color, RGB/Full Color.

5. Various speed and Characters: The signs can display most different Characters and Graphic Symbols.

6. The signs can run at variable Speeds, and have various display features including Bold, Run Left/Right etc."

7. Can be controlled remotely , like WIFI, GSM, GPRS,3G,4G,5G

Our Service

We have an excellent customer service system with a well-trained, strong and skilled service team to provide customers with a comprehensive pre-sales service, product services and after-sales service.

Our customer service department has more than a dozen highly skilled and experienced technical support engineers, who are all in charge of the technical support of all LED display products we provide all over the world.

We are continuously improving upon our level of service and quality to quickly and effectively meet customer needs and guarantee their benefits and interests.

Service Concept

We believe in taking the initiative, maintaining honesty and trustworthiness, which means we will respond quickly to customer questions and do everything possible to meet customer demands.

Service Content

1. 24-hour hotline service, including counseling and technical guidance.

2. On-line service.

3. Failure maintenance of LED panels.

4. Free professional technical training

5. Paid software upgrade.

6. Warranty service.

7. Engineering technical service.

Warranty Period

Each of our LED display products comes with at least two years warranty and a lifetime maintanance services.

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