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Stage LED Screens

- Apr 09, 2018 -

P4.81 Stage led screens

Stage rental LED screen shows high performance,the screen playback requirements are clearer,the general indoor environment adopts the P3.91 or P4.81 high definition screen, outdoor use P4.81 or P5 models.

The box is often disassembled and moved, so it is maded of die-cast aluminum box. It mostly mounted by lifting or wall mounting. The cabinet itself is light and thin. At present, it is a die-casting aluminum box, and the connection is fixed, and it has certain damage resistance. It is convenient and quick to disassemble and install, and it can be quickly replaced and maintained.

P4.81 Stage Led Screens advantage:

Ultra-light: die-cast aluminum box, stylish and lightweight, can meet lifting, stacking, back frame and fixed installation requirements;

Easy loading and unloading: Bolt fixing and connection, simple loading and unloading on the whole screen;

Easy to operate: the entire screen is unloaded and fast bolted and connected, allowing accurate and fast screen and screen removal;

Ultra-precise: The box body tolerance is controlled within 0.1mm, which makes it possible to achieve seamless stitching. The screen body is light and easy to install.

LED Specification:

Module Composition

Pixel Structure

SMD2727 1R1G1B LED

  Pixel  Spacing


 Model  Resolution(W×H)dots


 Model Size(W×H)mm


Module Weight (kg)


Maximum Module Power(W)(W)



Cabinet  Composition

 Cabinet  Composition(W×H)pcs


 Cabinet Resolution(W×H)dots


 Cabinet  Size(W×H)mm

500×1000 mm

 Cabinet  Area(sqm)

0.25 sqm

 Cabinet  Weight (kg)


 Pixel Density /sqm

43264 /sqm

Maintenance mode

Post maintenance


structure formation

Integral forming die casting aluminum cabinet



Optical parameter

Optimal Distance


Single point brightness correction


Single point color correction


White Balance Brightness


Viewing Angle



Electrical Parameter

 Maximum Power Consumption (W/sqm)

<600 W/sqm

  Average  Power  Consumption (W/sqm)

<300 W/sqm

Power Supply Requirements

220V±10% & 110V±10%

Safety characteristics


Drive Mode

Constant current drive :16Saul

Gray level


refresh rate(HZ)



Operation Parameter


>100000 h

  Temperature Range(℃/RH)


Humidity Range

10%-80% RH

Safety Standard


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