P5 Event Screen Hire

P5 Event Screen Hire

p5 event screen hire,large led screen hire,event screen hire,rental led display screen 1. Lightweight. Convenient in transporting and installing & saving labor cost, suitable for flow shows. 2. Nice appearance and simple structures. 3. Jointed correctly, being installed & dismounted by one person without tool. 4. Humanized operating interface with breakdown indicator lights, easy to maintain. 5. High debugging brightness and no damage to gray scale, achieving the debugging technology for nice image.

Product Details

P5 event screen hire

P5 large led screen hire Module

Model Number

P5 -8S

Module size


Pixel pitch


Pixels Density

40000 dots/m2

Pixel configuration


Package mode


Pixel resolution

64dots(W)*32 dots(H)

Drive type

Constant drive

Scan mode


Port type


Brightness of white balance


P5 event screen hire



Quantity of Module


Power supply


Pixel per cabinet




Best viewing distance


Best viewing distance

160°(W) 120°(H)





Operation humidity




Protection classification


Die casting cabinet 960 x 960mm P5 rental led display screen

Case Features :

1, ultra-light weight of a box than the die-casting aluminum box 40%, substantial cost savings 


2, ultra-thin due to a high strength of magnesium alloy, in the design can be thinner than aluminum, thin about 30%


3, heat a good fast cooling performance, effective protection module circuit


4, anti-interference with a special anti-electromagnetic interference


5, the strength of a box tensile test to reach 300kg, stronger than aluminum


6, the installation of a fast shortcut fast, installed only 20 seconds


7, high precision box after a CNC machining, higher precision, can be seamless stitching


8, versatility can be installed one can handle any hole processing, indoor and outdoor universal


9, cost-effective one has a complete production supply chain for large-scale production 


Case Parameters 


Specifications W768 * H768 * D75 (mm)


Weight 6.5kg


Modules P4, P8, P16


Material Magnesium alloy


Installation method of lifting, fixed installation


Use the environment indoor IP30


Includes accessories Quick lock, handle, system / power mounting plate, connection piece


Box color black, gold, silver


Door color black, gold, silver, blue, orange


Applicable products Package product 


 1, PCB board: P4, P8, P16


2, kit: 256mm * 256mm 128mm * 256mm


3, air box: a loaded five, one loaded six, one loaded eight


4, hanging beam: a care one, one care two, one care three


5, power: 200W / 5V40A 300W / 5V60A 350W / 5V70A 400W / 5V80A


6, the flight plug: 20A 3 * 2.5m2 GB plug both ends of the line length L = 800mm socket length L = 350mm, L = 200mm

Die casting cabinet 960 x 960mm P5 HD outdoor rental LED panel display

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